• Fargen Splickle

    Fargen Splickle

    Fargen Splickle, Human Alchemist, Age 27 Born in Bacoup, a small fishing town on the coast of Hyperia. Fargen was orphaned along with his younger sister Thea after their parents were lost at sea. Living on the streets of Bacoup they managed to survive do
  • Mustafa Al-Biri

    Mustafa Al-Biri

    A brooding Birian mercenary
  • Rookabi Sulfrost

    Rookabi Sulfrost

    Primarily a Thief, loves taking risks
  • Rusalka


    A bright young woman with dark secrets. And a possessed snake.
  • Timothy Ward

    Timothy Ward

    Young Human Paladin: dislikes secret agendas
  • Turu


    A Great Horned Beast of the Rusty Mountains