Amtira is major port town at the crossroads between Amel Bira, Aphosia, Bucolia, and the Aphosian Sea. It is well known for having goods from every corner of Paraphos and beyond. While Imperial presence is relatively strong here, it is still a den of thievery and corruption.

The Amtiran Thieves’ Guild and several powerful merchants exert the most economic and political control over the town, which has been in a relative state of peace for decades. Birian cultural influence is strong here, and most of the inhabitants are either Birian, Aphosian, or Bucolian.

The town is well-known for its mid-Summer festivities, many of which feature arena fighting and coolia-related events such as racing, coolia “bull” fighting, jousting, and “the running of the cools”.

((Flavor: Imagine a bustling Roman port town on the southern end of Spain, right across from Morocco and the Sahara Desert.))


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