Flora and Fauna

Flora & Fauna

The flora and fauna of Eldfall share much in common with those found on Earth, and many are actually identical. However, Eldfall has other fantastical creatures, big and small, that cannot be found on Earth. At least one group of animals, Ungulates (horses, camels, deer, pigs, cows, and relatives), is conspicuously absent. See below for a list of common creatures (these will be put into their own articles as the list expands).

Barnacle Snail: An amphibious mollusc that is prized for the meat and small pearls it produces. They have two small, glowing eyes that swivel about on translucent stalks, and a several tentacles that splay out from under their stone-like shells. Their slow speed and faint bioluminescence make them easy to catch, so they are a staple food for many. Some people like to capture large ones as a form of dynamic lawn ornament. B snail
Coolia: Distant relatives of dragons, these docile bipedal creatures have small, vestigial foreclaws, and are the common riding and pack animals of the world. There are several different varieties sporting different features, but most share the same general body shape and either mammalian or reptilian characteristics.

They are prone to mutation, and are sometimes born with four legs, wings, horns, thick armor plates, or other features. Many smaller villages view these mutations as bad omens, and kill mutant coolia on sight. Others, however, breed coolias in an attempt to bring out desirable features.

Coolia generally have no problem delving into caves, and some varieties actually thrive underground.

((For simplicity, normal Coolias share the same stats as horses, for the time being.))
Great Horned Beast: Stout herbivorous quadrupeds that inhabit subterranean plains. They are sometimes hunted by the Duergar of the Rusty Mountains.
Guilebat: Said to be one of the slyest creatures in existence, the guilebat figures prominently as a trickster figure in rural folktales, giving rise to the expression “wily as a guilebat.”
Moonboar: The moonboar is a small, pink creature that feeds off the bottom of oceans and other bodies of water. Some Bucolian Halflings farm them as they would crops.

It is interesting to note that the setting has neither moons nor boars.
Runner: Small carnivorous biped reptiles that inhabit subterranean plains.

Flora and Fauna

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