House Rules

This Wiki Page is for any house rules we agree upon that either aren’t covered in standard Pathfinder rules, or that are otherwise modifications or replacements for the standard rules. Note that all house rules are open for discussion. Please do so in the forum.

1) We will not be using alignment for normal characters.

  • Alignment-based spells and abilities will only work for supernatural creatures, places, and objects. Deities will often be more complex than just “good” or “evil”.
  • Paladins and good outsiders will still radiate goodness, while evil outsiders and certain cursed places or items will radiate evil.
  • Detect Evil typically won’t work on humans, even if they are obviously bad guys (but it might if they are under the influence of an evil spell!).
  • This also means that characters are not restricted by alignment. You may play a Paladin-Barbarian-Monk-Bard to your heart’s content. (On second thought, don’t do that.)

2) We will be using a modified “Hero Points” ruleset.

  • Maximum number of hero points is three.
  • Hero points are gained at a rate of 1 per level or as rewards for creative or heroic play.
  • 1 point may be spent to:
    • Remake any roll (includes HP increase at new level and all dice in a dice pool, such as for spell damage rolls).
    • Automatically confirm a critical hit.
    • Negate a critical hit against you (making it a regular hit).
  • 2 points may be spent to:
    • Turn a normal hit into an automatic critical hit.
    • Cheat death and automatically stabilize, unconscious, at 0 hit points.
  • Players or the DM may suggest other uses for hero points during play.

3) The crafting of magical items is restricted.

  • Crafting characters may only make one magical item per character level.
    • This does not apply to potions and alchemical items.
  • Other restrictions, such as time or materials needed, may also apply.

4) Clarification on Dying & Stabilization

  • We are following standard Pathfinder rules for stabilizing. This means:
    • The DC to stabilize is 10. If you fail, you lose 1 HP.
    • A natural 20 automatically succeeds.
    • The DC is increased by 1 for every 1 hit point below 0. (Or you receive a penalty to your roll. It is effectively the same.)
    • Your character dies if your negative HP equals your Constitution score.

5) Hit Point Increase on Leveling

  • You may choose either half your hit dice or to roll.
  • You must roll while the DM is present.
  • You may spend a hero point to reroll, or two hero points to gain your full hit die.
    • You are allowed to spend the hero point just gained for leveling for this purpose.
    • If you would have gained a fourth hero point, you may spend it here to prevent it from being wasted.

House Rules

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