Eldfall is a sizable world. The most relevant area to your adventures is the Three Seas Region, for the time being. (As regions are added, this article will redirect to individual areas.) Known world



Alyron: The home of the high elves. They live in impressive coastal cities and forest villages. If you can think of a fantasy flavor like Ys, Fire Emblem, Record of Lodoss War, or even the kingdom in The Little Mermaid, you’re on the right track. Many a heroic half-cape, circlet, and longsword to be found here. Wizards and stuff!

Amel Bira: A desert empire at an uneasy truce with Paraphos. Arabian/Egyptian in flavor.

Arcabol: Gnomes live in crazy Finnish magic mushroom land and have to deal with Transylvania-esque scenarios somewhat often. Northern Slavic / Finnish / Saami in flavor. They are reclusive, having been able to stave off Imperial invasion by staying in their dense, dark forests and employing illusory magic.

Arhatti Steppes: The Arhatti are big humans who are ascetic monk-barbarians with a sort of Tibetan/Aboriginal Australian spirituality. They don’t use anything they can’t create without their own two hands. They also don’t use mounts, instead just running quarry down on the steppe to pummel them with their fists.

Bucolia: Pretty much the Shire. When the Empire invaded, its council decided to surrender to prevent bloodshed. Bucolians often immigrate to Empire cities for work, where they tend to be pressured by their Kendrish cousins to “help them out”, since, you know, they’re “family”.

The Fogfrost: Here giants roam, eating and/or enslaving everything they come across. They often wander into neighboring lands when food is scarce.

Hyperia: Hyperia was taken over by Paraphos roughly 60 years prior. It is incorporating well, but there are rebel movements from time to time. It is standard fantasy European, with much knights-of-the-round, witch-in-the-woods, mist-on-the-moors, Celtic fairy tale goodness.

The Hyperian Alps: Home of warring wood elves and mountain dwarves. Also, there is good cheese and yodeling to be had.

Kendera: The home of Tallfellow Halflings. The Empire was only able to secure part of Kendera before deciding to put their efforts elsewhere. What they didn’t know was that having Halfling subjects would open the floodgates for Kendrish insurgents to enter their lands undetected. In their homeland, they are often Rangers. In Imperial cities, they maintain very tight-knit groups, and often monopolize the thieves’ guilds. The flavor is something like the lost boys from Hook.

Paraphos (Paroa, Siremyr, Aphos): The local land-grabby Empire. Paroa overtook Siremyr and Aphos hundreds of years ago. Within the last two centuries, the empire spread to Bucolia, where the council of the halflings there decided to lay down arms rather than fight. Hyperia is the most recent acquisition of the empire, having been overtaken by force of arms about 60 years prior to the current date. Somewhat Greco-Roman in flavor. They treat conquered lands well (with some notable exceptions). They are currently at war with Kendera, Alyron and Sfin Torgor.

The Rusty Mountains: Rich in iron, these mountains have a slightly red appearance. Dwarves live here, digging their little dwarfy holes and fighting Goblins.

Sfin Torgor: Orcs are Vikings. That is all you need to know.

The Veil of Fog: No one is sure what lies past it. A dark and endless land of mist and ice? A sheer drop off the edge of the world?

The Witchwood: Home of goblins, giant spiders, fey, giant spiders, all sorts of old ruins, and giant spiders. And yes, witches. The Wood Elves of The Witchwood and High Elves of Alyron are not really on speaking terms.


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