The World of Eldfall


If the lands of Eldfall could speak, you would spend a lifetime hearing their stories and still not have scratched the surface. They would tell you of how the various creatures that inhabit them rose, or were made to rise, from primordial pools at the dawn of creation. Or of a time when two suns circled in the sky.

Scholars know little of how Eldfall came to be, but they believe the world to be flat and roughly circular in shape. It is surrounded on all sides by a frozen ring of fog and ice. Here giants roam, punching through the ice with their spears of bone to ply the depths for enormous frost worms on which they feast. Smaller folk live here as well, constantly on the move to escape the giants’ nets and the slow shift of the ice as it creeps towards oblivion.

Far from those icy climes, at the center of the world, boils a large sea known as The Cauldron. The water and stone that make the world originate here, far below its ever-roiling surface. The lands closest to The Cauldron are sodden swamps and steaming jungles, home to primitive tribes and unspeakable monstrosities that have hunted each other since beyond telling. It is an unpleasant place, to say the least, and few find reason to venture there except to ransack the ruins of ancient civilizations, buried beneath centuries of moss.

Between those two extremes lie more temperate regions, the boiling sea slowing and cooling as it approaches the icy edge of the world. Humans and other familiar races make their homes in these lands, and their ships ply the oceans to trade, explore, and make war on one another.

Beyond Eldfall

Few claim to know what lies beyond the veil of fog encircling Eldfall, but rumors abound of a never-ending stretch of dark frozen plains, or of a precipitous drop, from which water and ice forever pour and crumble.

Looking up, one can see that high above the world float countless landmasses. They range in size from large islands to entire continents, and are obscured by the blue mists of distance. Legends vary, saying that they are islands that fell off the edge of the world, or that entire nations of mages lifted their land into the skies. Whatever they may be, they are sometimes large enough to eclipse the sun when they wander into its path. At night, they sometimes glow with the light of some unknown source.

Beyond the flying islands, one can see that the world has a single sun, known to all as the Eye of Lua, goddess of the days and seasons. Unlike the suns of other worlds, it never truly sets, and circles above the world at all times. Night falls as the sun slowly dims into complete darkness every evening. The fading and brightening of the sun is slightly out-of-sync with its journey across the sky, causing the slow turning of seasons in the world below.

Below the soil of Eldfall lie a myriad of crisscrossing caverns, such that if one were to enter, they may never see the light of day again. The further down one goes, the hotter it gets, until all is a seemingly endless expanse of magma.

The World of Eldfall

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